Explore the world with Star Alliance and Robert Reid

Turns out the man who’s seen it all, hasn’t.

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we sent National Geographic travel writer Robert Reid around the world, to have five unique cultural experiences.

For his first cultural challenge we sent Robert to Bangkok, inviting him to ditch the comforts of a hotel gym and train at a local gym in the art of Muay Thai.

In Stockholm we pushed Robert to the limits to overcome his fear of heights and see Stockholm from a whole new perspective, with a truly breath taking hike across the city.

From there, Robert travelled to Canada, where Robert connected with Inuits and learnt a new skill of throat singing, but only after surviving the sub-zero Artic Climate.

Robert then had a cultural experience like no other in New Mexico, where he took part in a Navajo ‘Drum Roll Call’ in front of thousands of Native Americans.

For his final challenge, we sent Robert to the highest village in Europe for his most adventurous task yet – experiencing the Ushguli horse race in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia.

By the end of his trip, with the help of our 5 founding member airlines,

Robert discovered that whether you are visiting a place you have been to a million times before, or one you are visiting for the first time, there are new experiences around every corner if you look for them.

Visit staralliance.com/culturalexperiences to watch Robert’s journey.