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          With their diverse cultures, a huge range of natural and modern attractions, and arrays of local food, Asian – and particularly Southeast Asian - cities make popular holiday destinations. Many of these cities are also important finance and trade centers in both the regional and global economy. Business travelers in the region require comprehensive flight services and convenient schedules that cover all destinations. Thai Airways is proud to provide services that cater to your needs and get you where you need to go.


          China has long been the world’s fastest-growing major economy, with growth rates averaging 10% over 30 years. The might of China in manufacturing and exports is well known and its role as host to world events such as the Olympic Games in 2008 and Shanghai World Expo in 2010 has affirmed the country’s status as a world player. China boasts a vast and diverse landscape, thousands of years of history, a distinct culture and some of the world’s most influential cities, such as Beijing, the seat of emperors and modern China’s capital, and Shanghai, a global financial center. Other economically important centres are Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province and home to magnificent scenery and the giant panda; Guangzhou, a trading centre and a major terminus of the Silk Road; Kunming, the city with picturesque nature and the moniker ‘the City of Eternal Spring’; and Xiamen, the 2nd most suitable city for living.


          Though often considered to be one of the world’s younger states, Singapore’s origins lie in the 14th century, when it served as a trading hub for Chinese, Indian and Arabic merchants. Today, Singapore is not only a major regional port undergoing constant development, but it is also one of the world's most influential cities. Singapore is a world leader in terms of finance and technology and has numerous tourist attractions. Visitors can enjoy Universal Studios Singapore, the awe-inspiring 101 hectare garden at Gardens by the Bay, a bird’s eye view of the city from Singapore Flyer, and a harbor-side leisure zone with the collection of architectural icons at Marina Bay.

Kuala Lumpur

          The Petronas Twin Towers, until 2004 the tallest building in the world, is an iconic landmark of Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur, which is an economic, financial and cultural center where three major ethnic groups - Malay, Chinese, and Indian - live together peacefully. Kuala Lumpur is considered a world city playing an important part in the global economic system. Despite its modern image, there are some cultural attractions worth a visit, such as Merdeka Square, a historic landmark where one of the world’s tallest flagpoles is located and where independence was declared; Central Market, the arts and culture scene; and Bukit Bintang, the shopping and entertainment district where mega malls line the bustling streets. 


          The capital city and financial heart of Indonesia, Jakarta has the largest economy of ASEAN cities. Asamanufacturing and service industries, banking and trading hub of the region, it has enjoyed rapid economic growth in the past decade. For tourists, Jakarta offers some fascinating cultural sights, as well as luxurious malls. Most visitors head to the historic Kota Tua Jakarta, Jakarta’s old town, where the colonial atmosphere of Dutch control during the 17th Century still lingers. The history and art museums in Fatahilla Square are also worth visiting. More of Jakarta’slong history can be experienced at the old harbor, Sunda Kelapa. The Indonesian capital also boasts a pleasant entertainment and amusement park at Ancol Dreamland.


          In February 2017, a leading multinational professional services network forecast that by 2050 Vietnam may be the fastest-growing of the world’s economies and its economy will be the 20th largest, compared to its current 47th place ranking. The two most economically significant cities in Vietnam are Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Although famous for its history and ancient culture, and home to Halong Bay World Heritage Site, Hanoi is, in fact, a city of diversity where memories are interwoven with modernity. The southern city of Ho Chi Minh is a colorful and vibrant place, where the busy pace of life on the bustling streets goes one amidst the neoclassical architecture, skyscrapers, luxury hotels and reminders of the city’s turbulent past.

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