A Taste of Thai Flavours

Global travellers have many reasons to count Thailand as one of their favourite destinations: they may cite the country’s natural beauty,
its spectacular art and culture, or the locals’ warm smiles. All agree, however, that it is Thai food that spices up each visit and makes it
even more memorable. 

Not only does Thai food have unique flavours and ingredients, it is also a very diverse cuisine, based on distinct regional traditions
such as Northern Khantoke dining style and Southern fresh seafood dishes. From the sophisticated culinary delights of royal cuisine
to the simpler pleasures of one-dish streetside meals, there is so much to explore!


Over its more than two centuries history, the cuisine of the cosmopolitan hub of Southeast Asiahas developed its own eclectic charm and offers a wide range of cooking styles and a profusion of exotic spicy flavours. This is why such world-famous dishes as
Tom Yum Goong (spicy, sour prawn soup), Nam Tok Moo (spicy roasted pork salad) and Som Tam (papaya salad) are ranked among
the world’s 50 best foods.The Thai Massaman Curry is in first place!

To enhance the enjoyment of the fantastic food, Bangkok provides some unique dining experiences. Try fine dining with a sunset view
at one of the five-star riverside hotels, an authentic dish at one of the world’s best Thai restaurants on Sathorn Rd., a fusion dish created by a celebrity chef on Sukhumvit Rd., or a fast and fabulous streetside concoction. All are guaranteed to add flavour to your visit to Bangkok.


Dubbed ‘the Dragon Road’, Yaowarat  in Bangkok’s Chinatown is the largest and oldest commercial district. The one-kilometer-long street is lined with goldsmiths’ shops and restaurants, and in the evening an endless line of food stalls is set up to welcome the long queues of foodies. First-timers may find it hard to choose what to start with, so it’s best to grab an appetising bite of grilled pork or squid skewers, before setting out on your 'food safari’. Entertain your taste buds with the huge range of food choices, such as fresh seafood, noodles and wonton soup, fish ball noodles, Hainanese chicken rice, or whatever takes your fancy. To cleanse your palate, try some
hot and cold desserts like chendol, bean curd in ginger tea, mango and sticky rice, or various kinds of fruit. Indulge yourself and
you’ll agree Yaowarat is the world capital of street food.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

One of Thailand’s most famous and oldest floating markets, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Ratchaburi is basically a floating kitchen! Apart from various kinds of fresh local produce sold by farmers, a variety of cooked food is also sold, and sometimes eaten,
on the boats. You can start with grilled and fried titbits, before going on to a one-dish meal like Pad Thai in banana leaf, Chinese spring roll with noodle soup, or noodles: the mere sight of the attractively arranged ingredients spread out around the sitting vendors will make
your mouth water. Finish your lunch with a choice of fresh fruit from local orchards, or Thai desserts like Thong yip (pinched gold egg yolk), Thong yod (egg yolk fudge balls) Kanom Buang (Thai crepes), or Khao Kriab Pak Mor (steamed rice skin dumplings) to make your trip perfect.

Chiang Mai, Khantoke Dining Experience

While in Chiang Mai, a traditional Lanna Khantoke dinner is a must. A Khantoke is a wooden or rattan tray table used by the Lanna,
or northern Thai people. The dinner set usually consists of five traditional dishes including dill soup, Hang Lay curry, pork crackling,
chili and tomato dip, and roasted pork served with sticky rice. A traditional Lanna dance is typically performed when the dinner is served.

Phuket, Seafood Lovers’ Paradise

Phuket, the ‘Pearl of the Andaman’ is an island of outstanding natural beauty, set in the Andaman Sea. Visitors can enjoy exquisite
arrays of seafood prepared according to various traditional recipes. There is barbequed seafood at the five-star hotels on Patong Beach,
Kata Beach and Karon Beach, unique southern dishes at famous local restaurants, or you can buy live seafood from the market stalls at
Rawai Beach and have it cooked at a restaurant across the road. Whatever your choice, the taste and freshness of the succulent seafood is guaranteed to delight, especially with a Thai style spicy seafood sauce!

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