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iFREE MOGO S is a Global Data SIM Card that provides unlimited internet connectivity in more than 200 countries. It comes pre-loaded with a variety of destination packages and travellers can reload packages through the iAPP by choosing the countries they are visiting and only paying for what they use each time they travel. iFREE MOGO S is the only card you will need to use wherever you go, saving you money on expensive roaming charges and multiple local SIM card purchases. iFREE’s extensive global network offers high speed and secure connectivity whilst offering local rates on international calls by connecting to 3G/4G networks without using international roaming. 

*Service may not cover some countries i.e. Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, and Philippines

 Award Redemption:

iFREE1: 3,500 miles = 7 - day Inbound package of 2.5GB @ 4G speed with 1 day complimentary 300MB unlimited @ 4G speed

iFREE2: 5,000 miles = 10 - day Outbound Asia package with daily unlimited 300MB @ 4G speed with 1 day complimentary 300MB unlimited @ 4G speed

iFREE3: 6,500 miles = 15 - day Outbound Europe package with daily 300MB @ 4G speed with 1 day complimentary 300MB 

To redeem your iFREE MOGO S Sim Card, simply login to your account with your membership number and PIN and select Lifestyle Awards. 

Mileage Accrual:

Get 25 Miles for Every USD10 (THB 350) Reload
Get 50 Miles for Every USD20 (THB 700) Reload

To top up value and manage the SIM Card, scan the QR code printed on the package and download the iFree Application.

More information, please visit Live Chat Support: +4474 5204 6699 ;

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