Priceless and Untouched Couple Time with Luxurious Organic Golden Silk Royal Pampering

Come a couple, the second guest will get a discount 50% off;
a cash voucher for products valued 1,000 Baht is offered for this couple only.

From the priceless beauty of Thai silk to the ultimate luxury of natural skin nourishment, Thai silk is endowed with beneficial properties. Golden silk thread is rich in protein while the mulberry leaves, contain significant vitamins. The golden cocoons contain a total of 18 essential silk amino acids good for hair and skin. A treatment regime that nourishes and restores your skin to its natural beauty, the program brings back moisture balance and subtle radiance, leaving skin smooth, healthy-looking and reinvigorated. "Organic Golden Silk Royal Pampering" of 210 minutes is the ultimate luxury best enjoyed in a carefree afternoon.

For reservation

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Terms and Conditions

  1. This promotion is valid until February 28, 2018
  2. This promotion cannot be used with any other promotion.
  3. This promotion is applicable for guests using Organic Golden Silk Royal Pampering in the couple room only.
  4. The cash voucher is for products only.
  5. One couple is able to get one cash voucher of 1,000 Baht only.
  6. The cash voucher can be used for buying products at the branch on the treatment day only.
  7. The third guest is able to enjoy the discount 20% off for "Organic Golden Silk Royal Pampering".
  8. Advanced reservation is highly recommended.
  9. Divana reserves the right to change or alter the promotion without prior notice.